Family Stories

If you know of a Nolan family whose early origins, i.e. its first two generations, have not yet been documented or adequately documented in the Family Stories section of the main website you are invited to submit details or as much of what know about this family using the submission form found at the bottom of the page.

Information on Nolan families whose ancestor is known to have emigrated from Ireland at a very early date is of special interest.

Information of prime interest includes:

    • Place of Residence of Nolan ancestor
    • Timeframe to the nearest decade if possible
    • Nolan ancestor’s name, birth year, birthplace,
      and any information known about his/her origins
    • Spouse’s name, birth year, birthplace,
      and any information known about his/her origins
    • Names of their Children, birth years,
      and any information known about their life (marriage, etc.)
    • Abbreviated Story about the family’s early beginnings
      (migration, settlement, etc.)

Although information about the first two generations is of prime interest, information about succeeding generations is also welcome as it may help to identify researchers working on the same family line, each having some knowledge about their Nolan ancestral family. It is hoped that, as more and more descendants of a particular line are identified, a clearer picture of the “Early Family Story” will emerge.

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Roger Nowlan, webmaster (Email)
and Nolan Clan member since 1997

Information on an Early Nolan Family!

NOTE: The suggested format for the Subject line is
“Year – Name of Nolan Ancestor – Dwelling Place”.

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