The Ark - The Nolan Family Archive

"Roger's Ark" (archive) is meant to serve as a long-term repository for information gathered via the top-level pages of the website and is currently organised into into 3 major categories:

The information in the "Ark" was collected over the course of several years, mostly by myself, with the intention that it be used in the writing of a new updated Nolan family history book much in the same way that Fr. John Nolan of Kirkcubbin in the 1920s collected research material for a book he planned to write on Nolan family history. Unfortunately he died prematurely but his notes and manuscripts contained in a small suitcase were passed on from generation to generation becoming, over time, known as "The Ark". In 2000, a Nolan family history book entitled "O Nolan - The History of a People", largely based upon Fr. Nolan's research material, was finally written and published under the auspices of the modern-day Nolan Clan.

Since Fr. Nolan's time, there have been significant improvements in the field of information storage and retrieval and now, in the blink of an eye, it is possible to share information globally and also to gather pieces of information from all over the world helping us to grow in our understanding of the many facets of Nolan family history with its many highlights and inuendos stretching back millenia and covering several continents.

Currently I am focusing on writing an updated Nolan family history book entitled "The Nolans, a People - from most ancient times to the present" based upon the material in "The Ark". The initial version will be an online version (at this website) and is expected to be completed by 2021.

By 2025, I also plan to convert this last remaining portion of the old hand-coded 2004 website, to a more easily maintainable Wordpress-based implementation thereby making it easier for me hand over the maintenance and management of this website to the next generation of Nolans.

Roger Nowlan

member of the worldwide Nolan Clan since 1997
and unofficial historian (Ollamh) for the Clan