This  is a personal not-for-profit website first created by myself in 2004  in support of one of the  main goals  of the Nolan Clan family association (Clan O Nolan), namely “to create and maintain, for current and future generations, an archive of historical and anecdotal information of interest to Nolans everywhere”.

Here you will find:

  • information on Clan O Nolan and its activities
  • an archive of historical and genealogical material
    (likely to be of interest to Nolan family researchers)
  • guidance on carrying out research into your own Nolan ancestry
  • a freely-accessible online Nolan history book  
    (a “living book”, continually updated based upon new input)
  • a means of  providing feedback  on the online history book
  • a means of submitting information to be considered
    for inclusion either in the  online archive or  history book

There are many websites dealing with Nolan family history and research but, none to my knowledge, with the same breadth and scope as this one, seeking to make  sense of Nolan family history at the world level and over millenia.  Click on the following link to read more about my vision for worldwide Nolan family research .

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the content of this website (using the top-of-page menu structure) and to submit any information you fell would be of interest to the worldwide Nolan diaspora.

Depending on your level of interest and time availability, you may want to consider:

  • subscribing  (free-of-charge) to the yearly Nolan Clan newsletter,
    to keep up-to-date with the activities of the Nolan Clan
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You will also find more information about how you can assist in developing and improving this website in the How You Can Help section of this website (click on the preceding link or use the main menu selection so named).

Roger Nowlan, webmaster
and long-time member of Clan O Nolan

supporting research into the history and origins of the global Nolan diaspora