Focusing on Early Family Stories & Linkages

Already as a young child I was fascinated by the stories passed down by my Nolan ancestors and wondered about my relatives left behind in Ireland those many years ago. Over the years I have made much progress in researching my own family's roots and, as early as 1997, I started putting together resources which would help other Nolans discover their own family roots.

There are many websites dealing with Nolan family research but, none to my knowledge, which attempt to clarify early Nolan family history and any links which might exist between the various branches of Nolans. This website is my feeble attempt at filling this void, providing a wealth of early Family Stories from around the world which I have pieced together over the years or which have been contributed.

Family Stories of potential interest can be identified either by viewing the Stories by Geographical Area or by doing a Keyword Search on all available Stories.

A fully-searchable database of Nolan Memorials in Ireland is also provided to help the Nolan researcher locate tombstones of potential interest in Ireland. For example, the use of unusual first names, first names of parents, townland names, etc. may yield the tombstone of an elusive ancestor.

If you don't find any information on the particular Nolan family you are researching you are invited to submit for publication at this website whatever details you do know about the family so that it becomes known to the wider Nolan family research community. This can done either through an Email to myself ot by filling out an on-line Family Story form .

In a more general way, besides information on a particular Nolan family, you are also invited to share with others in the Nolan family research community any tidbits of information or pictures of potential interest. You can simply contact me and we can discuss how such information might be best integrated into or linked to the current website.

If you are new to Nolan Family research, the "Home" submenu at left is a good place to start.

Or, you can click on the images below to access the website's main resources.

With best regards,

Roger Nowlan

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