This is a not-for-profit personal website intended to serve the needs of anyone within the global Nolan diasopra who is interested in learning more about his/her  Nolan family heritage and origins.

Here you will find:

  • information on early Nolan family history, the family name, the family crest, who’s related to you, worldwide presence, etc.
  • guidance on carrying out research into your Nolan ancestry
  • information on the worldwide Nolan Clan and its activities
  • a blogging resource for sharing and reviewing information with the global Nolan diaspora (family stories, information tidbits, etc.)
  • information on projects of interest to the Nolan diaspora
  • a cumulative archive (repository) of Nolan-related stories, information tidbit, pictures & PDFs, etc.  periodically updated based upon material submitted and refined via the blogging capabiliy.

Granted there are many websites dealing with Nolan family research but, none to my knowledge, with the same breadth and scope as this one, seeking to making sense of Nolan family history at the world level and over millenia.  Click on the following link to read more about my vision for worldwide Nolan family research .

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the content of this website (using the top-of-page menu structure) and to submit any news items, family stories, or tidbits of information which you feel would be of interest to the worldwide Nolan diaspora.

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Roger Nowlan, webmaster (Email me)
and Nolan Clan member since 1997

supporting research into the history and origins of the global Nolan diaspora